Custom Wine Labels

Personalize Your Bottle


Celebrate a birthday, anniversary, wedding, or any occasion with a custom wine label! Our graphic designer designs and prints all special labels in-house with a two-week turnaround time, some exclusions may apply.

Note: We are not be able to produce or create any custom labels that are graphic, slanderous, offensive or misleading. We can not produce any custom labels for resale.


  • Cost of the wine
  • 20% off Case discount applies for orders over 12 bottles
  • Design Fee : $10 one time fee per label design
  • Labor Fee: $2 per bottle
  • Print Fee: $2 per label

Production Time

  • Orders MUST be placed two weeks in advance from your desired pickup date.
  • The farther in advance the better, so that we have plenty of time todesign your label to your specifications.

Custom Labels

  • Artwork (.jpg format, minimum 300 dpi, must fit 3″ x 5″ format.)
  • Logos are preferred to have a transparent background.
  • Photos (3″ x 5″, must be of professional quality or approved by label designer.)
  • PLEASE be as detailed & descriptive as possible with your label design ideas, (colors, fonts, graphics, etc.), so that the designer can bring your vision to life. OR you can always give the label designer free will to design the label if you are open to ideas.
  • Custom labels will be designed and then proofed by the customer before finalized and printed. Please be prompt with responses so that production and labeling is not held up, especially if we are working within a two week window.

LABEL DESIGNER: Abigail Scurlock